The Salesman (2016)

casey How do you sum up The Salesman? A tense, compelling, and surprisingly mundane thriller, maybe?

brooke A commentary on gender roles and victim blaming?

casey How about, an excellent movie that maintains a real sense of tension with sometimes flawed but highly relatable and very real-feeling characters. It’s good, is what I’m saying. Read More

Hacksaw Ridge (2016)

casey What if they threw a war and nobody came?
I have no idea, but Hacksaw Ridge answers the question “What if they threw a war and everybody came, except one guy who didn’t bring a gun and is also an incontrovertible badass?”

brooke I want to admit here and now that I wanted to dislike this movie because Mel Gibson is kind of a terrible human being, but dammit I really liked it.
And Andrew Garfield, I take back everything bad I thought about you in Silence.
Oh, and also Vince Vaughn is there, which I found entertaining because it made me think of Dodgeball. Read More

Amour (2012)

Before this movie review blog was born, we occasionally wrote about movies over on our other blog, Expert Textperts. This is one of those posts and it’s about 2013 Best Picture nominee and Best Foreign Language Film winner, Amour. Although not on his Great Movies list, Ebert awarded the film 4/4 stars.

Happy Valentine’s Day?

casey Amour, for those who haven’t seen it, is a film about an elderly French couple, Georges (Jean-Louis Trintignant) and Anne (Emmanuelle Riva). Anne suffers from a stroke early in the film, and the rest is about them coping with her impending death.

brooke What struck me most was the simplicity of the entire film. No pretense, no push for drama or excitement. It’s a simple, down-to-earth look at a couple trying desperately to cope with the difficulties presented them near the end of a long, happy life together. Read More

Best Of 2016 at the Movies

casey Our little movie blog is a year old!
We originally created it as a way to talk about Roger Ebert’s Great Movies as we worked our way through the list, but it quickly expanded into our writing about almost EVERY movie we watched. It’s a hell of a lot more work, but at least we’ve got plenty of material for a Best of 2016 post.

brooke It’s hard to believe we survived an entire year of watching movies… oh wait, we do that all the time anyway! Oscar nominations are out, people are pissed about all the snubs, and now it’s time to do some snubbing of our own.
Seriously though, 2016 was a great year for movies and there’s a lot to look back on. Have you got a top five list to share with the good readers of Brooke and Casey at the Movies? Read More

La La Land (2016)

brooke Damned if La La Land isn’t charming

casey I am charmed. Can go straight to talking about the ending? Because it’s fantastic .

brooke The ending! Damien Chazelle knows how to write a movie (plz see Whiplash and/or 10 Cloverfield Lane ASAP). And this has an ending slash epilogue that is a cherry on top of the cinematic sundae that is La La Land. And how perfect is J.K. Simmons’ cameo?

casey It wins the award for Best Use of J.K. Simmons in a musical/comedy, but I guess we should talk about the rest of the movie so any of this makes sense. Read More

Moonlight (2016)

brooke I’m not sure how exactly to talk about Moonlight because it is so different in so many ways from most films
But to start, it reminded me a bit of Boyhood, if Boyhood has been a lot better.

casey And unlike Boyhood, I think its impact as a story, not just as a neat cinematic experiment, will only grow over time.

brooke It’s already grown on me since we’ve seen it Read More

The Revenant (2015)

brooke Please enjoy this presentation of The Revenant! Try not to puke or fall asleep during your stay.

casey zzzzzz
The Revenant was boring.

brooke and violent

casey and, in fairness, sometimes very pretty. I just didn’t care much about what it was doing.

brooke I cared
about the gorgeous cinematography
and literally nothing else
Oh, wait, I also cared about Domnhall Gleeson’s handsome face and decent American accent. But those had little bearing on the movie. Read More

The Grapes of Wrath (1940)

brooke You’d think that having grown up in California I might’ve known a little of the history behind this movie. You’d be wrong.

casey The Depression really sucked.

brooke Apparently.

casey That’s my takeaway: Don’t live during the Great Depression.

brooke Well, I think we can wrap this up and go to bed. Lesson learned.
Or I guess we could talk about the movie… Read More