Your Name (2016)

brooke First off, I want to say that anyone who hasn’t seen Your Name needs to go see it. It’s the kind of movie that deserves to be seen with little or no knowledge of the plot.

casey Japanese animation remains a major blind spot in my film self-education. Is it all as good as Your Name? Anyway, it’s gripping, beautifully animated, and strikingly original in its blend of teen romance, Freaky Friday-esque body switching, and, for good measure, a dash of spiritualism and sci fi. Read More

Finding Dory (2016)

casey We finally got around to seeing Finding Dory on Netflix, and it feels a little strange to say, given its pedigree, that it’s not close to being one of the 2016’s most interesting animated movies. Which, honestly, speaks more to the quality of the competition, because Finding Dory is still pretty good.

brooke Yeah, going up against Moana, Kubo, and Zootopia in the same year was no small feat, but this one is sweet and simple. Read More

The Salesman (2016)

casey How do you sum up The Salesman? A tense, compelling, and surprisingly mundane thriller, maybe?

brooke A commentary on gender roles and victim blaming?

casey How about, an excellent movie that maintains a real sense of tension with sometimes flawed but highly relatable and very real-feeling characters. It’s good, is what I’m saying. Read More

Get Out (2017)

brooke There are precious few horror films that I’ve gotten excited about, and fewer I’ll watch more than once, but I think I’m going to add Get Out to my rotation.

casey It’s my favorite not-exactly-horror movie since Cabin in the Woods, for a lot of the same reasons.

brooke And it’s gaining praise from a lot of people, so let’s heap on some more! Read More

The LEGO Batman Movie (2017)

brooke na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na LEGO BATMAN

casey We saw The LEGO Movie on a whim back in 2014, just before it became a minor phenomenon, and it made me feel the rare joy of seeing something completely new and hilarious. Now comes The LEGO Batman Movie, which, in terms of its capacity to delight, never stood a chance of matching its predecessor, but is still pretty good. Read More

Jackie (2016)

brooke Sometimes I can’t decide whether I like Natalie Portman or not.
You’ve got V for Vendetta, in which she does an incredible job
Then there are the Star Wars prequels where she could have been replaced by a cardboard cutout.
I thought her performance in Jackie kind of ran the gamut. Read More

Amour (2012)

Before this movie review blog was born, we occasionally wrote about movies over on our other blog, Expert Textperts. This is one of those posts and it’s about 2013 Best Picture nominee and Best Foreign Language Film winner, Amour. Although not on his Great Movies list, Ebert awarded the film 4/4 stars.

Happy Valentine’s Day?

casey Amour, for those who haven’t seen it, is a film about an elderly French couple, Georges (Jean-Louis Trintignant) and Anne (Emmanuelle Riva). Anne suffers from a stroke early in the film, and the rest is about them coping with her impending death.

brooke What struck me most was the simplicity of the entire film. No pretense, no push for drama or excitement. It’s a simple, down-to-earth look at a couple trying desperately to cope with the difficulties presented them near the end of a long, happy life together. Read More

Best Of 2016 at the Movies

casey Our little movie blog is a year old!
We originally created it as a way to talk about Roger Ebert’s Great Movies as we worked our way through the list, but it quickly expanded into our writing about almost EVERY movie we watched. It’s a hell of a lot more work, but at least we’ve got plenty of material for a Best of 2016 post.

brooke It’s hard to believe we survived an entire year of watching movies… oh wait, we do that all the time anyway! Oscar nominations are out, people are pissed about all the snubs, and now it’s time to do some snubbing of our own.
Seriously though, 2016 was a great year for movies and there’s a lot to look back on. Have you got a top five list to share with the good readers of Brooke and Casey at the Movies? Read More

Silence (2016)

casey If I had to sum up Silence in one word, it would be a word that somehow encompasses the following: slow, punishing, frustrating, tedious, unrelenting, reverential, and…good(?)
In the words of Hobie Doyle: it’s…complicated.

brooke You forgot heavy. It’s a heavy film and it had me in a trance.
If I could change one thing, I think there might have been a better lead than Andrew Garfield, but we can get into that later. Read More