Best Of 2016 at the Movies

casey Our little movie blog is a year old!
We originally created it as a way to talk about Roger Ebert’s Great Movies as we worked our way through the list, but it quickly expanded into our writing about almost EVERY movie we watched. It’s a hell of a lot more work, but at least we’ve got plenty of material for a Best of 2016 post.

brooke It’s hard to believe we survived an entire year of watching movies… oh wait, we do that all the time anyway! Oscar nominations are out, people are pissed about all the snubs, and now it’s time to do some snubbing of our own.
Seriously though, 2016 was a great year for movies and there’s a lot to look back on. Have you got a top five list to share with the good readers of Brooke and Casey at the Movies?

casey First are a few that just missed the cut; in no particular order: Cameraperson, Arrival, Kubo and the Two Strings, and The Beatles: Eight Days a Week – The Touring Years.
Now, drumroll please:
5. Sing Street
4. Hell or High Water
3. The Nice Guys
2. Hail, Caesar!
1. Moonlight

brooke Can I first emphasize how hard it was to decide mine? My honorable mentions go to Hail Caesar!, Green Room, Rogue One, La La Land, and Arrival.
And the top 5…
5. Swiss Army Man
4. Moonlight
3. The Beatles: Eight Days a Week – The Touring Years
2. Hidden Figures
1. Hunt for the Wilderpeople

casey Wilderpeople in an upset! Bold choice, but I like it.
Now let’s do worst movie of the year. This was a tough one, mostly because we don’t really watch a lot of movies that we think will be bad. But there have been a few duds, and my pick is… The Boss.
I know you liked it, but I don’t think there was another movie that I felt quite as much antipathy towards from nearly the first minute, not even a certain Superman stinker.

brooke That’s tragic. The Boss was pretty funny imo, but I guess you’re allowed your opinion. Even if you’re wrong. My least favorite of the year was Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.
It’s too long, too self-aggrandizing, and too boring. I didn’t find a single moment of it movie enjoyable. A close second is Suicide Squad, which at least had some lulz in it. There wasn’t a more entertaining moment in film this year than Killer Croc shimmying down into a flooded subway station.
As for more middle of the road movies, the most underrated movie I saw this year would have to be Bad Moms–one you didn’t see but that I think of as a spiritual sequel to Mean Girls.

casey Meanwhile, for the category of “Movie That Isn’t Necessarily Best But is the Blockbuster I’ll Rewatch Most,” my prize goes to Rogue One, which also beats out the likes of Doctor Strange and Captain America: Civil War in the annual battle of omnipresent franchises.

brooke That kind of surprises me. But in a good way! As for me, there will be plenty of Rogue One viewings, but I think Ghostbusters will take the cake in the long run. I’ve already watched it plenty this year and plan to pop it in again soon.
Finally, what was your favorite Great Movie? I mean, that was kind of the original plan for this blog, after all.

casey That is a tough one… I think it comes down to Late SpringCity Lights, and El Norte, in that order.

brooke Late Spring is awesome. City Lights and El Norte are also faves (as is Doctor Strangelove) but I think my number one has to be The General. It was my first Buster Keaton and it was a revelation for me.

casey I totally forgot we watched Strangelove! I’ll say it’s disqualified for me because I’d already seen it several times and it’s already an all-time favorite. Last topic: what’s ANY movie you saw this year, regardless of release date, that you think everybody needs to see? My choice: the amazing fifteen minute short from 2015, World of Tomorrow.

brooke Ah, yes! World of Tomorrow is great and we probably watched it ten times 10 times in the past year. As for me… I think this is a hard question. I watched a lot of great movies this year, but…… I’m choosing Er Ist Weider Da, aka Look Who’s Back, a German tragicomedy about what would happen if 1945 Hitler were dropped in modern-day Berlin.

casey You know, I’m still not sure what I think about one, but it’s an interesting movie if nothing else.
Anyway, that’s all for 2016! Thanks for joining us along the way and now let’s see what 2017 brings us at the movies…with Brooke and Casey.


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