Everybody Wants Some!! (2016)

casey What a steaming pile of boring nonsense for washed up boomer jocks.

brooke I hated this movie. I think I guffawed once or twice, but it was because the jokes were so bad that I couldn’t believe someone took the effort to write them down

casey I don’t think I hated it so much as I found it incredibly tedious, like someone took every college movie montage ever made said “Screw it, let’s do that for a whole movie.” It’s two hours of self-congratulatory, boozy frat boy nostalgia. Read More

Late Spring (1949)

casey Late Spring is the second Yasujirō Ozu film we’ve watched for our Great Movies project, following his 1959 work Floating Weeds. It took me  minute to get in sync with its rhythm, but once I did I thought it was pretty damned great.

brooke Despite a few spots that dragged, I found it incredibly enjoyable

casey And compared to Floating Weeds (or maybe because if it!), I felt more connected with the characters and themes despite parts of it remaining a bit opaque.

Read More

Silence (2016)

casey If I had to sum up Silence in one word, it would be a word that somehow encompasses the following: slow, punishing, frustrating, tedious, unrelenting, reverential, and…good(?)
In the words of Hobie Doyle: it’s…complicated.

brooke You forgot heavy. It’s a heavy film and it had me in a trance.
If I could change one thing, I think there might have been a better lead than Andrew Garfield, but we can get into that later. Read More

Captain Fantastic (2016)

brooke Captain Fantastic: Every prepper’s dream

casey Particularly if your apocalyptic fantasies are wrapped up in a cartoonishly pretentious hippie fantasy that includes weapons training, calisthenics, mandatory time blocs for reading great literature, and celebrations of Noam Chomsky’s birthday.

brooke Seriously, Noam Chomsky day had me rolling my eyes so hard I thought I’d snap an optic nerve.
But it wasn’t a bad movie? I just didn’t enjoy it that much. Read More

Denial (2016)

brooke Denial is legitimately interesting and a little frightening
The latter mostly due to the fact that Timothy Spall is great at playing a creepy creep.

casey my takeaways:
1. Bad history is incredibly difficult to disprove because it’s hard for nonexperts to distinguish truth from bullshit, especially when there’s good money in the latter.
2. Rachel Weisz is very good at acting.
3. It’s hard to take the British legal system seriously with the wigs. Read More

Sing Street (2016)

casey I remember thinking Sing Street was some kind of sappy Beatles origin knockoff in theaters, not really worth checking out. But in the intervening months, everything I heard about it was positive, and now I can confirm: it is excellent, one of my rock band movies ever.

brooke And fortunately for most readers, it’s on Netflix as of this posting!
Okay seriously though, I thought it was going to be a silly 80s movie, and while it looks a lot like The Breakfast Club or Pretty in Pink, it fits right in to our world today.

casey I defy you to watch it and not walk away happy. Read More

La La Land (2016)

brooke Damned if La La Land isn’t charming

casey I am charmed. Can go straight to talking about the ending? Because it’s fantastic .

brooke The ending! Damien Chazelle knows how to write a movie (plz see Whiplash and/or 10 Cloverfield Lane ASAP). And this has an ending slash epilogue that is a cherry on top of the cinematic sundae that is La La Land. And how perfect is J.K. Simmons’ cameo?

casey It wins the award for Best Use of J.K. Simmons in a musical/comedy, but I guess we should talk about the rest of the movie so any of this makes sense. Read More