The General (1926)

casey Mad Max: Fury Road proved to contemporary audiences that you can make an amazing movie out of nothing more than some bare exposition, interesting characters, and an extended chase sequence. But, as we just learned, that the formula was actually perfected nearly a century ago in one of the last films of the silent era, The General.

brooke One thing those two films have in common is how much I love them. Read More

Doctor Strange (2016)

brooke It’s time for another Marvel movie! But with magic!

casey Gotta be honest, I’ve been teetering on the edge of superhero fatigue for a while now. Not that the Marvel movies have been bad–they’ve mostly been decent to very good–but rather, it feels like they’ve settled into a predictable rhythm of goofy but shallow characters and predictable plots. So with that preface…I still kinda liked Dr Strange.

brooke I’m sure we could turn this into yet another thinkpiece on how overdone superhero movies are, but the studios are going to keep making them as long as we keep paying for them… and I definitely did not mind paying for this one. Read More