Babel (2006)

brooke I think this movie was 80% boring and 20% really good

casey It feels like it wants to be About Something, and director Alejandro Iñárritu is not known for subtlety, so a lot of the time it reads like a billboard shouting “BEHOLD, THE HUMAN CONDITION.” Sometimes it works; other times not so much.

brooke Yeah… Iñárritu expects the audience to “get it”, and it’s obvious that he thinks there’s going to be some amazing Q&A after every screening, but the movie is all over the place. The narrative is non-linear and the characters’ goals are not very clear. Read More

Ghostbusters (2016)

brooke I’m going to be honest right now…
I did not expect to enjoy this movie.
I was wrong.

casey I …didn’t hate it, I guess? It was intermittently funny. Some scenes worked well. But for the most part, I found Ghostbusters frustratingly mediocre.

brooke I’m sure some will feel the same as you, but I think you’re completely wrong. For starters, I love that the new characters are reminiscent of the original Ghostbusters team without copying them, and that all the references and cameos take the time to prove that everyone who put this film together cares about the original. They even managed to flip the genders without coming up with unnecessary gendered issue for one of the main characters to fuss over. So many female parts are only female parts because they have to have cleavage and complain about pregnancy/periods/PMS/etc. and this movie had none of those pitfalls. Read More

Criminal (2016)

brooke I’m still not sure why we saw this movie.

casey I’m imagining the pitch meeting for Criminal. Someone opens, “What if we made a movie like the ridiculous 90s action movies everybody used to love?” And then someone else chimed in, “Great idea! But let’s be sure to drain it of every ounce of fun and levity!”

brooke More than once I asked myself if I’d seen it before. It felt wrong to watch it in a theater instead of on afternoon HBO. Read More