Green Room (2016)

brooke This movie is so punk rock. It’s got a punk rock band, punk rock music, Patrick Stewart, and Nazis. Even the poster is punk rock (although it took me forever to notice the kid on the poster is holding a machete, not a guitar).
I know you didn’t really like this movie, so let’s start with your thoughts.

casey I think my problem is, I struggle with movies that are about people suffering and hurting. Maybe I’m just a big softie that way.

brooke maybe you are

casey I went into Green Room knowing nothing about its premise. The first few moments seem to hint at a whimsical indie coming-of-age story for the members of an obscure punk rock band, The Ain’t Rights, as they tour the Pacific Northwest.
That’s…not quite the case. Read More

Hoop Dreams (1994)

casey Hoop Dreams isn’t just about basketball, it’s about America. And race, class, family, and many other things.

brooke Including basketball.

casey Lots of basketball. The 1994 documentary follows two young, black Chicago boys, William and Arthur, who are recruited from playground ball to play for St. Joseph’ High School, a suburban powerhouse and predominantly white school. The boys’ basketball fortunes quickly diverge: William becomes a varsity star tutored by wealthy boosters, while Arthur languishes on the freshman team and struggles academically until family finances force him to transfer back to a public school. The movie follows the pair through high school as they deal with a variety of issues, including injuries, poverty, drug-addicted family members, pregnant girlfriends, and basketball, giving us a glimpse into their lives with minimal narration or commentary. Read More

Captain America: Civil War (2016)

brooke I have long been enjoying the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). I’ve been there through thick and thin, and with few exceptions, I have loved every movie.
Captain America: Civil War is not only one of the strongest films in the MCU, but hands down a great movie. Major props to the actors, writers, and directors.

casey I only object to using phrases like “Marvel Cinematic Universe,” because embracing marketing speak is letting the terrorists win (oops, I’m totally guilty). But whatever you want to call this big bundle o’ movies Marvel and Disney are making, Civil War is one of the best. Read More

Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015)

brooke Welcome to our special edition: Revenge of the 6th!
Before I go crazy fangirling over how much I love this movie, let’s do a quick plot summary. By now, nearly the whole world has Star Wars: The Force Awakens, so I trust I don’t need a spoiler alert, but I’m not going to make any promises that we’ll keep it 100% spoiler free.

casey Obi-wan is still dead, unfortunately. Read More