10 Cloverfield Lane (2016)

brooke okay, that was bomb IMHO. I’ma dive right into this delicious slice of movie heaven.
If you’ve seen the trailers, you’ve already seen more than you need about 10 Cloverfield Lane. It helps to know as little as possible, so I’ll try not to get too specific while also explaining why I thought this movie was so great.

casey To quote the bard, “Oh Cloverfield, Cloverfield, wherefore art thou Cloverfield?” Hmm, maybe you should talk about what you liked before I get into that. Read More

Zootopia (2016)

brooke Can I just say how much I love cartoons? I love cartoons.

casey How do you feel about animals?

brooke Eh, they’re alright. Way better on screen when I can’t smell them

casey I was assuming you’d say you loved them, and I was going to respond “Well, have I got a movie for you!” So… umm…how about Zootopia?

brooke No one can resist anthropomorphized animals living in harmony (for the most part). You can’t beat this stuff, and Zootopia’s social commentary is dead on. Not to mention it’s is a great blend of fun for kids and jokes for adults (ex: car chases intermingled with Breaking Bad references). Read More