See You At The Movies


brooke AND CASEY



casey oh my god that was terrible

brooke Literally we could not have picked a more terrible way to try to get people to read this blog

casey But they should. Because it’s not just a blog, it’s…a journey.
A journey about life, love, and
watching a lot of movies

brooke Right…
but especially watching a lot of movies

casey Which, this being the inaugural post, is exactly what we’re doing. Here’s the deal:
1. There are a lot of movies we haven’t seen. Many of them are reputed to be great.

brooke 2. We wanted to see these movies, but needed a solid list to turn to that could tell us which movies are great

casey 3. Therefore, we turned to the esteemed, late Roger Ebert’s list of Great Movies. We’ll be going through the list, choosing random movies from successive decades, and then…

brooke 4. Chatting about them in IM format, breaking down what we liked, didn’t like, etc. about each one

casey (this alternating chat thing is working out amazingly. We are killing it)

brooke (totes)

casey 5. And them posting them here, for you to read if you want. Also, we’ll write about other movies we watch, too. And that’s pretty much it. Being millennials, we just figure people will care about what we have to say on the internet.

brooke Well, why wouldn’t they?
We have the added bonus of being a really cool married couple, so people will almost definitely want to see our dynamic played out on this stage

casey Or watch our slow descent into madness as the stress of trying to write coherently about over 300 films eats away the very core of our relationship. This shit’s going to get intense.

brooke Maybe we’ll also chat about other movies we see along the way as they come out. We are pretty big on actually going to the movies.

casey Stay tuned…


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