The Revenant (2015)

brooke Please enjoy this presentation of The Revenant! Try not to puke or fall asleep during your stay.

casey zzzzzz
The Revenant was boring.

brooke and violent

casey and, in fairness, sometimes very pretty. I just didn’t care much about what it was doing.

brooke I cared
about the gorgeous cinematography
and literally nothing else
Oh, wait, I also cared about Domnhall Gleeson’s handsome face and decent American accent. But those had little bearing on the movie. Read More

Floating Weeds (1959)

casey I think one of the challenges in watching “great movies” as a layperson is 1. learning to appreciate older movies and 2. trying to make sense of films from different cultures. So here’s a double whammy: a movie that’s old and Japanese.

brooke Yeah, tackling films from other cultures brings a lot with it–trying to understand cultural norms, trying to focus on the story and not get distracted every time someone takes their shoes off, etc.

casey btw, I want a pair of wooden sandals.

brooke So Floating Weeds is about a traveling acting troupe that arrives in a small seaside town where the troupe had spent time several years before. The Master of the troupe Komajuro (Ganjiro Nakamura) uses the visit to spend time with his former mistress Oyoshi (Haruko Sugimura) and her son Kiyoshi (Hiroshi Kawaguchi), who doesn’t know that Komajuro is also his father. Soon, however, Komajuro’s current mistress and fellow actor Sumiko (Machiko Kyo) begins to suspect something is up and the plot thickens. Read More

The Grapes of Wrath (1940)

brooke You’d think that having grown up in California I might’ve known a little of the history behind this movie. You’d be wrong.

casey The Depression really sucked.

brooke Apparently.

casey That’s my takeaway: Don’t live during the Great Depression.

brooke Well, I think we can wrap this up and go to bed. Lesson learned.
Or I guess we could talk about the movie… Read More

Bridge of Spies (2015)

brooke I’m trying to figure out how this movie got a Best Picture nomination

casey I’m a sucker for this kind of movie. Simmering tension, spies, Cold War setting, pro-civil liberties message, and Steven Spielberg? Umm yah I’m in.

brooke Well, and Tom Hanks can carry any movie anywhere he wants, but I was bored. Especially for the first half hour.

casey Whereas I liked the whole thing! Maybe not top ten of 2015, but I thought it was solid and thoughtful.

brooke Whatever you say, dear. I believe it’s time to summarize… Read More

City Lights (1931)

brooke I want to start by saying that I don’t think I will ever get over how cute that movie was.

casey (looking for gif of Charlie Chaplin walking)

brooke Honestly, I’m embarrassed that I had never seen a Charlie Chaplin movie before because now I want to watch all of them.

casey I’d only seen Modern Times. The man knows his slapstick
City Lights actually has some real emotional depth.

brooke Truly
I’ve never seen you so giggly in the 6 years I’ve known you. Read More

Sicario (2015)

brooke Sicario. Because we missed it in the theaters and it finally landed at Redbox.

casey The rollicking, feel good buddy comedy of the summer.
That is me being facetious
this movie was not those things
any of them

brooke Hoo boy no it was not
and I don’t even say stuff like “Hoo boy”

casey It’s dark.

brooke Literally. Lots of use of nighttime, shadows, dimly lit rooms, etc.

casey Just a quick rundown, Sicario tells the story of FBI agent Kate Macer (Emily Blunt), who gets drafted into a legally and ethically dubious special operation against drug cartels along the US-Mexico border, an op led by the smarmy CIA agent Graver (Josh Brolin) and the enigmatic Medellín (Benicio Del Toro). She’s also joined by her partner and a group of appropriately grizzled, nameless Marines. As events unfold, her desire to work within the law clashes with the team’s violent, extralegal tactics, especially as she learns the true purpose of the operation and her role within it. Read More

Broken Blossoms (1919)

casey OUR FIRST MOVIE: Broken Blossoms, by D.W. Griffiths. The same guy who did Birth of a Nation. Which I haven’t seen, but I’m assured it’s quite racist.

brooke Not unlike this movie!

casey This one was pretty racist too, but I think more in the “it was 1919 and we’ll give them points for trying” kind of way.

brooke Honestly, I expected it to be a lot more racist when the opening title card informed the audience that we were about to witness the goings on of a Chinese marketplace. Then I was impressed when the entire marketplace was made up of Asian actors… except for the main character…

casey Apparently based on a short story called “The Chink and the Child.” So, umm… how about you give a quick rundown of what we just saw? Read More

See You At The Movies


brooke AND CASEY



casey oh my god that was terrible

brooke Literally we could not have picked a more terrible way to try to get people to read this blog

casey But they should. Because it’s not just a blog, it’s…a journey.
A journey about life, love, and
watching a lot of movies

brooke Right…
but especially watching a lot of movies

casey Which, this being the inaugural post, is exactly what we’re doing. Here’s the deal: Read More